Artist by heart Sarah Zakzouk, where creating a brand is rooted in her DNA since day one. "I have always wanted to create an 

accessories brand that complements people's beauty and each individual unique art of putting an outfit together." 

Founded in 2017 after curated planning, visualizing and thinking a versatile-bold and cool brand came to the world of ART; its signature aesthetic combines timeless classics with a modern, rock-chic edge. The whole point of the brand is making woman feel beautiful, confident and adventurous as soon as they add our piece to their look. "I feel like I'm here to help all those beautiful woman to feel like the beautiful queen that they really are."

Under her creative direction, LALA will continuously aim at bringing you a new approach to enhance your style.

LALA’s portfolio includes Jewelry, bags and shoes for woman. As for jewelry we try to use rare pieces coins or stones to make them stand out in a crowd of jewelry. For the bags and shoes the idea is embedding metal pieces into them in order to promote a link between jewelry with bags and shoes to create portable pieces of art. Additional collections and categories will be added as we go on.


We think accessories are a way of reflecting who the person is so we aim at creating pieces that would instantly tell u something about the person wearing it. Whether the earth earrings that would reflect a traveler or the chaos bracelet that would reflect the edgy woman or the pound collection that is to me is a piece of your country wherever u go and so on it's like collections with every piece telling u a story.


Our motto is that accessorizing  is a message of confidence, uniqueness, empowerment. most women do will feel stronger when wearing bold jewelry. Never forget that : in the end accessories is what makes the outfit special so never neglect it.

" I want to grow a brand that offers different and new products that is relatable to my customers to give them an edge and make them confident, stylish and unique. ."-SZ.

Sunday - Thursday: 11.00 - 18.00


Saturday: 13.00 - 17.00


Friday: OFF

Based in Cairo,Egypt

Head Office Maadi-Degla-Cairo


Tel: 012-8800-0649

Bringing one's dream to life is a journey and this brand is my dream and I am at the first steps of the journey so I would say “Let the story begin.”-SZ

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